Lt. Colonel Robert Falotico
Officer Commanding

Colonel Paul O'Shaughnessy

Major Michael V. Graves

Captain Shaun Timberlake

Captain Winston Stone
Recruiting Officer

Sjt. Major Charles Duffy
Recruiting Serjeant

Mr. Scott Williams


40 Spring Street
Wrentham, MA 02093
United States of America



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His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of Foot in America is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 public charity formed for educational purposes and incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and can accept tax-deductible contributions to the fullest extent of the law.

Federal EIN 04-2653303
Massachusetts AG #057095
New Hampshire AG # 15346

Meet our Board of Directors

Our volunteer members further this educational mission by conducting presentations to area schools, historical societies and anyone else interested in having history brought to life for learners of all ages. We also collaborate with local municipalities and other non-profits for various living history events and celebrations throughout the year. Many of these events include setting up weekend encampments such as the Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown, NH, occupying the various historic sites such as Minute Man National Park in Concord and Lexington, MA, and participating in one-day events such as the annual American Independence Festival in Exeter, NH. Much of our activities include parades, firing and drill demonstrations, including battle re-enactments and the depiction of daily life of a British soldier in the 18th century.

For information regarding our mandated filings, contact Capt. Shaun Timberlake.

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XHis Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot in America is a historically re-created infantry unit formed to portray the service of the British Army during the American War for Independence.

Composed of two types of soldier, Grenadiers and Light Infantry, a company of Music, and Corps of Civilian Volunteers, the members of the Tenth are accurately uniformed, equipped, and trained in 18th century military drill and life so that we appear in public as members of the British Army would have in 1775.

You are invited to browse through this web site and learn more about the Tenth Foot. If you are motivated and have the time and the dedication, maybe you too can become part of America's premier re-created British Regiment.

The Tenth Regiment played an important role in the early events of the American Revolution. On April  19th, 1775, the Light Infantry and Grenadier companies were part of the expenditionary force sent by General Gage to capture the arms being stockpiled by the militia in Concord, MA. On that day, the Light Infantry Company was present at both Lexington Green and Concord's North Bridge when the First Shot and the Shot Heard 'Round the World were fired.  Both companies were engaged in the skrimish at Bloody Angle, near Lincoln, MA, and the desparate retreat back to Boston along what has become known as Battle Road.

At the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, the Grenadier Company took part in those three fateful charges up Breed's Hill towards Prescott's fortified line, while the Light Infantry Company particiated in the ill-fated attack along the beach against Stark's men guarding the rebel's left flank. The Tenth also fought in the Battle of Long Island, the Invasion of Manhatten Island, the Battle of Germantown, the Battle at Monmouth Courthouse, and the defense of Newport and Quaker Hill, eventually being drafted* back to England in September, 1778.

IMAGE First Shot: Light Infantrymen on Lexington Green (left). Battle Road: Grenadiers engaged at the Bloody Angle (right).

*HISTORICAL NOTE:When a regiment was "drafted" during the Revolutionary War, the Officers, NCOs, and Musicians were sent back to Britain to recruit and rebuild the regiment. The private soldiers stayed in America and were distributed as replacements to the regiments that remained to continue in the war.


Monthly Military Drill

The third (3rd) Wednesday of every month (except December) at 1900 hrs.

January - March & November at:

Lexington Armory, 459 Bedford St, Lexington MA.

April - October at:

Lexington Depot, 13 Depot Square, Lexington MA.

To schedule a visit, contact Capt. Winston Stone or Sjt. Major Charles Duffy

Schedule of Events

Updated Saturday, November 26th 2016

NOTE: Our 2017 schedule is not complete, please check back for updates.

Thursday 1st Crucolo Cheese Parade, Concord, MA
Saturday 10th Annual Meeting, Lexington Depot, Set-up: 1700hrs; Start: 1800hrs
Friday 16th Boston Tea Party



Wednesday 18th Drill, Lexington Armory
Wednesday 15th Drill, Lexington Armory
Wednesday 15th Drill, Lexington Armory
Sunday 2nd Lexington Green Rehearsal
Saturday-Sunday 15th-16th BATTLE ROAD WEEKEND
Monday 17th PATRIOT'S DAY
Wednesday 19th Drill, Lexington Depot
Wednesday 17th Drill, Lexington Depot
Saturday-Sunday 20th-21st Siege of Boston, Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm
Monday 29th Memorial Day Parade, Andover, MA
Wednesday 21st Drill, Lexington Depot
Tuesday 4th Independence Day Parade, TBA
Wednesday 19th Drill, Lexington Depot
Saturday-Sunday, 5th-6th Redcoats & Rebels, Old Sturbridge Village
Wednesday 16th Drill, Lexington Depot
Wednesday 20th Drill, Lexington Depot
Wednesday 18th Drill, Lexington Depot
Wednesday 15th Drill, Lexington Armory
TBA Annual Meeting, TBA